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February newsletter

CFL4Transit was busy in January reactivating our organization in anticipation of Orange County’s transportation funding initiative being placed before the voters in November.

Read the recap of our efforts supporting transit for the month , but first we are excited to announce our first in-person event! We are coming together with Orlando YIMBY at Ivanhoe Brewing Co. on February 22.

Come chat with fellow transit and housing advocates, and find out how you can help the fight for sustainable transportation in our community. This location is accessible by transit via LYNX 102 and is within walking distance from the Advent Health SunRail station, as well as located near the Orlando Urban Trail for cyclists.

Learn more and RSVP on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

January Actions

We kicked off the year by announcing the addition of five new board members who bring a variety of diverse perspectives and exciting ideas to our shared goal for world class transit in Greater Orlando. We began forming partnerships with like-minded organizations and made our voices heard at public meetings.

Coalition Building

To build a better community that prioritizes people, not just cars, we need much better transit. We also need enough affordable housing for all near transit, and safe connected pedestrian and biking infrastructure to connect stops. To speak as a unified voice in support of a transformative vision, we formed a partnership with the passionate cycling and housing advocates at Orlando Bike Coalition and Orlando YIMBY.

We launched this partnership on New Year’s Day with a bike ride through some of Orlando’s best neighborhoods.

Speaking Up In Support Of Transit

We also joined forces with OBC and YIMBY at the BCC transportation funding initiative work session, speaking in support of using the proposed penny sales tax productively on transit, biking, and pedestrian infrastructure, not wasting precious public dollars widening more roads. You can read Orange County’s presentation from the work session here.

Following the transportation workshop, we also issued a press release demanding the proposed penny tax prioritize sustainable multimodal transportation to garner our support.

Lastly, we spoke in support of Bus Rapid Transit with bus lanes at the LYNX Board Meeting.

Educational Events

One of our goals is to act as an informational hub. We convey the proven benefits of high quality transit, inform potential riders of available transit services to help rethink their commuter, and educate on the history of transit in Orlando so we do not repeat past mistakes. Our co-chair Naqiy Mcmullen gave a presentation about the past, present, and future of rail transit in Orlando for TransitCon 2022.

You can read the PowerPoint from the presentation on our website to learn all about the tragic tale of doomed Light Rail in Orlando.

Don’t forget you can always check out our website for the latest latest news and events.

Glad to have you on board.  🚎🚌🚅🚈🚋

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