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June Newsletter

A Look at LYNX

While SunRail gets most of the attention in Orlando, our regional bus authority is the real workhorse of our transit system, with far greater ridership.

Great buses are essential for a world class transit system. Even cities with extensive rail like NYC, Chicago, & London all have comprehensive bus routes to complement their world class subways.

Buses act as feeders to faster trains, provide more accessibility options, are perfect for short trips around the neighborhood, and if given bus lanes and other amenities can provide the speed and comfort of a train for a fraction of the cost.

Today we shine the spotlight on our favorite rainbow themed bus system, whose color scheme is befitting of our proud and diverse community.

But first, we invite you to help shape the future of LYNX by participating in community outreach for their 10 year Transit Development Plan. Take this survey and attend workshops next week in person or virtually:

Latest LYNX Stats

These stats are from the June LYNX Board Report.

Ridership is steadily increasing after plummeting at the start of the pandemic, moving almost 55,000 people daily. This is a 20% increase from last year, and will continue to rise as high gas prices shift people to more affordable alternatives.  

Sunday ridership has increased the most, despite almost all routes running only hourly. This shows the need for transit to serve recreational and non-work commutes as well as work trips. With hybrid and work from home becoming more normal, transit agencies must adapt and evolve beyond the 9-5 office commuter mentality.

Passengers per trip has increased to 16 people per trip, showing that LYNX continues to be effective at moving people and relieving congestion.

Rider fares are recovering faster than predicted, but fuel costs are negatively impacting LYNX’s budget, reinforcing the need to transition the fleet to electric buses.

Some negative news: On time percentage has decreased slightly to 73% and canceled trips have risen to 4%, as LYNX suffers from the same labor shortage affecting transit operators everywhere. LYNX thankfully has not yet reduced service, but bus cancellations are inexcusable, especially with how infrequent current service already is.

We endorse the transportation funding initiative in Orange County in November to increase service, increase driver pay and benefits, and prevent these type of bus cancellations that can lead to job dismissals and worse.


LYNX authorized the upgrade to Genfare Fast Fare fareboxes in the fixed route bus fleet. The Fast Fare farebox will allow open payment transactions including credit cards, debit cards, and smart devices. This will significantly increase the accessibility and ease of use for LYNX buses.

Other Financial News

LYNX secured grants from FDOT for 10 electric buses and for continued work on the new Pine Hills intermodal transfer center, which will be the prototype for a new generation of LYNX bus transfer centers. A mockup of the transfer center can be seen below.

SunRail Board Meeting and Transition Workshop

SunRail will have an unexpected Board meeting on June 27th at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the ongoing plan for infrastructure and service improvements, as well as the transition in control from FDOT to local governments.

Attend in person at MetroPlan Orlando 250 S. Orange Ave., Suite 200 Orlando, Florida 32801, or virtually by registering at


CFL4Transit celebrated the launch of the Smart Growth Questionnaire for local political candidates on Saturday, June 19th, at the Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company. We joined other Smart Growth Coalition organizations to chat about Smart Growth and the Questionnaire.

The Smart Growth Questionnaire is designed to evaluate candidates on their support for transit, sustainable and affordable housing, and walking and biking infrastructure. Local political candidates will return their answers to the questionnaire by July 1st.


On Saturday, June 25th, CFL4Transit is co-hosting a roadside cleanup at 9 am. We will be meeting at the Publix at 5265 South John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL, 32839.

The cleanup is accessible with Link 57 and 40 and is only half a mile from a Link 8 stop, the most frequent route in the entire system. Hope to see you there!

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