Shan Rose for HD 41 Questionnaire

Shan Rose, HD 41 Candidate

Q1: How often do you find yourself walking, biking, or using public transit? If you mainly drive, what do you see as the barriers for yourself and our community to move towards a place that promotes sustainable transportation as viable alternatives to cars?

Several times per week.

We need more bike lanes, cohesive sidewalks, re-evaluation of the entire transit system and an east west transit line.

Q2: How will you work with other state elected officials and state agencies to fund and deliver transformational transit projects?

Ensure infrastructure funding comes to central Florida to improve and expand our current system.

I do not have a problem working across party lines to come to a middle ground for the greater good of the people.

Q3: How important is having a world class transit system for the future of Greater Orlando?

Orlando is a global destination and we need a world class transit system that everyone can use. We need to build a multi-modal transit city that is reliable. Besides the theme parks, we have so many destination locations, great food, sports, music, arts, culture and so much more- everyone needs access to enjoy that without the hassle of traffic.

Q4: Places like LA and Kansas City are exploring free fares and many cities like Pittsburgh have introduced low-income fare discount programs. Do you think discount fares should be provided for low-income residents and should free fares for all users be considered?


Encourage more employer sponsored fares to encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation; I do believe we should have an incentive program that assists people who are newly employed to offset costs and allow them to gain financial stability. 

Q5: Do you support transit-oriented development(TOD), building walkable mixed use neighborhoods around transit stops and stations to create a transit supportive environment?

Yes to Transit Oriented Development. There are national incentives and we need encourage developers to use it; we need wider sidewalks, bus lanes and bike lanes- this allows for multiple modes of transportation; we need more bike/pedestrian protection and more crosswalk signals.

Q6:  Greater Orlando is regularly ranked the most dangerous place for cyclists and pedestrians in the country, a huge problem for transit since that is how most riders arrive at their stops. What actions and policies do we need to create safer streets for walking and biking?

-Fund education programs that involve teaching walking and bicycling skills to adults and children and developing campaigns to promote safety awareness.

-Increase enforcement strategies which include collaborating with law enforcement officials and community members.

-Push and fund programs for targeted media campaigns, bicycling or bike-sharing education, have special events, such as community rides or walks, create commuter benefit programs, encourage employer or insurer wellness programs, and collaborate with bicycling and walking organizations to find out areas of improvement.