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October newsletter

October Newsletter

This upcoming election is the best chance Orlando has ever had to revolutionize our outdated and unsustainable transportation system.

We can build a system where transit, biking, and walking are valued equally with driving, or we can continue the status quo of traffic jams, dangerous roads, and high transportation costs.

Voting YES on Orange County’s Penny for Transportation is the right choice for numerous reasons:

Build a Better Economy & Save Money

Create a More Charitable Community

Save the Planet, Take Transit

A system that prioritizes moving people over simply moving cars is transportation for the 21st century.

Orange County’s Transformational Transit Plan

Frequency is Freedom:

  1. 45% of LYNX routes would come every 15 mins compared to only 5% now
  2. 90% of LYNX routes would run every 30 mins or better
  3. Trains every 15 minutes on Weekdays

Transit for all Hours and Needs:

  1. 24 hour service on busy bus routes
  2. More weekend LYNX for leisure trips and our diverse hospitality workforce hours
  3. Finally, Weekend Train Service

Premium Rapid Transit:

You can view these projects and other transportation priorities at this interactive map.

Mobility is a human right and it’s about time our transportation system reflects this.

For these reasons, we are joining a diverse coalition united to Move Orange County Forward

December LYNX Service Changes

LYNX has proposed promising new service changes for December:

Learn more by reading the LYNX press release or attending upcoming workshops, dates, times, and locations posted in the link.

Send a letter to the LYNX Board of Directors in support of these changes and urge them to continue to improve service.

Voter Guide

We also endorse the following candidates, who have shown strong support for transit through their actions, statements, and questionnaire answers.

We urge residents of Orange and Osceola to make your voice heard by voting in support of transit this election year!

Hurricane Ian Updates

We hope you survived Hurricane Ian safe and sound. The devastating storm underlined the need for a more sustainable transportation system in Greater Orlando to fight climate change and have a more resilient system.

The intense flooding left many without access to their vehicles, yet LYNX was back on the road Friday after the storm, providing a valuable service for those in need. All routes have been restored to normal operations except for Link 61 and 102 as of today.

While SunRail has to restore to Kissimmee and Poinciana stations, service is predicted to restart by the end of the month. Currently bus shuttles are providing service for those stations to the rest of the line.

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